Love Marriage Advantages And Disadvantages | Marriage and Breakup

Love Marriage Advantages And Disadvantages: It is very important to have a love marriage to make life beautiful. Success is life. Failure is a waste of life. Marriage is valued in different cultures. Some people are willing to get married to their blood relatives. Some people don’t like to get married even to distant relatives. Every human being wants to have a first love marriage.

Love Marriage Advantages And Disadvantages | Marriage and Breakup

Both Islam and the law allow everyone to have a love marriage. Most social media schools, colleges, hospitals, and places where men and women work together are often neighbors or family friends. Who communicate with each other alone and make their marriage.

Purpose of marriage

Advantage – The main advantage of this is that two people choose their own spouses. And they already know each other and are aware of likes and dislikes. That way they can keep each other happy.

Disadvantage- Finding your matching friend and choosing to spend time with him and make a life partner is a lot of hassle and stress. Sometimes also takes years. Specialists say usually these many marriages are done impulsively and without any deliberation. Which is the element of separation going forward.

Breakup Risk

Separation is a big problem. The first problem is that he does not have the support of his parents. And the children’s future is ruined. Having a second marriage and having a new mate is difficult.


Love Marriage Advantages And Disadvantages: Love marriage is actually one that is run entirely by the couple. Parental consent is not required. It is found everywhere in European and Asian countries. While there are advantages to it, there are also disadvantages which have been commented above. Hopefully, you will understand better.