Nepali Girl Whatsapp Contact Number For Online Chat

Welcome to Nepali collection, if you have chosen healthfitnessline to find Nepali girl whatsapp mobile number then you have made a great choice. Here you will find single girls from Nepal Kathmandu who are looking for people for dating and friendship.

Nepali Girl Whatsapp Contact Number For Online Chat

Nepalese girls are famous all over the world for their beauty. Even people on the internet keep looking for them for dating and friendship. which you have searched for. So we have made below profile list of women these girls are Indian if you want to chat with any of them contact them and share your thoughts.

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Bansa, who is 23 years old, was born on March 16, 1999. Her father was very rich due to which he raised his daughter very well and gave her a higher education. Now she has grown up due to which her father asked her to get married. Bansa said let me find a boy for myself. Being the darling daughter of the house, the family did not deny her. So she is looking for a person who will take care of her family.


She is a stage actress, she says I am very interested to go to Bollywood. But I never got such an opportunity. Drohi is a selfish girl, she adds, “I don’t like to burden my parents, so I want to do everything for myself. So I want to achieve my success by working hard.” He is looking for a person who will take him to his destination “means” an actor or a director or someone who is well known. Empty dating or friendship to do it is agreeable to talk with everyone.


Eeshvi is an Indian girl but she likes foreign things so she has to source everything for fashion from abroad. The big thing is that she wants a foreign partner for herself, so she makes friends online and chats with him. He says I can’t find anyone with whom I can make future decisions. I will marry her as soon as she finds a good man.

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