Rich Women Looking For Men | Old Women Looking For Man Ads

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Rich Women Looking For Men | Old Women Looking For Man Ads

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Lonely Women Looking for Men

Name: Nisba

I live alone in Karachi My whole family is in Punjab. I befriended a boy from Karachi on the phone. He is my best friend. When I came to Karachi, I was very fond of walking around Karachi. My friend hired me as a manager in his private company. Then I set up here. Here I have a car and I have my own place. I am ready to talk to you and establish a serious relationship. You are special to me if you are moral.

Women Looking for Men in Northgate

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Single Old Woman Look for Younger Man

Name: Maheen

If a male is looking for a female near me then I can make your life beautiful. I am looking for a good friend if any of you are interested in me I am waiting for you to contact me. If you want to date online, make a call that you can talk to and we can see each other live.