Telugu Second Marriage Girl Mobile Number Near Karachi

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Telugu Second Marriage Girl Mobile Number

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Second Marriage Widow Telugu

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Telugu Second Marriage Ladies

Name: Eepsa

Mobile Number: +91-4829735160

Telugu Second Marriage Ladies

Hello friend my name is Eepsa and I live in Hyderabad. My first marriage took place on March 18, 2000. In December 2021, my husband had a car accident which killed him. I am all alone, not even my children. Therefore, I am sharing my picture for second marriage. If you like me, you can have a relationship with me. I am currently working locally. The government has submitted its CV for the job. I hope to get it soon.

The number given above is not my personal number. It is only for forwarding your message to me. If I like someone I will send him my personal WhatsApp number.

Name: Kalpana

Mobile number: +91-9747739557

Second Marriage Widow Telugu

Hello sweetheart, If you are out looking for Telugu Aunty for friendship. What do you think of me, I also joined here to find online friends like you. I think you are the prince of my dreams. If you are serious with me I am ready to be your queen.

So, guys I am waiting for you if you are impressed with me then you can contact me on my given mobile number, I will reply to you soon on your contact number.

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